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Gonzaga men's and women's tennis teams were honored with community service rewards last week. 

On Monday, May 18, the Gonzaga men’s tennis team received the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s award for Community Service in the Northwest Region, and GU’s women’s team was recognized as an honorable mention for the same award in the women’s category.

The award, which is the sole team award granted by the ITA during their annual award ceremony, commemorates exemplary team efforts in community outreach among 12 different regions.

GU's men’s team contributed 191.5 hours of community service and the women’s team put in 263.5 hours of service toward the GU athletic department’s total of 3,136 hours across the entire 2019-20 school year. 

The men’s team volunteered at seven different community groups including Habitat for Humanity, participated in multiple public events and visited various local organizations such as Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

“We are all extremely proud of the team’s engagement in our community,” men’s head coach Jonas Piibor said. “The student-athletes are truly committed to make a difference and that is an admirable trait that they possess, one we value deeply here at Gonzaga. They have certainly earned this award.”

The women’s team put time into working with 10 different agencies while also volunteering at multiple events, visiting local schools and hospitals and garnering supplies for those in need through donation drives.

“We are so proud of the work our team did off the court, it’s such a big part of who Gonzaga is,” women’s head coach DJ Gurule said. “It’s been awesome to see this team really strive to make a difference in the community.”

Since 2017, the ITA has dedicated every October to being community service month, where it encourages all collegiate tennis teams who participate in its events to get out and expand their community outreach as much as possible.

This past community service last October, the women’s team logged a total of 108 hours of community service, averaging out to about 12 hours of service by each of the team’s members throughout that particular four-week span. During that time, the team worked at Habitat for Humanity, made visits to the Mobius Science Center and Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, and capped off community service month by volunteering in the annual Trunk-or-Treat Event hosted by Catholic Charities, an event frequently participated in by multiple GU sports teams. 


Asher Ali is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @asher_ali3.

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