Josh Perkins

Gonzaga's Josh Perkins was arrested and cited for driving under the influence on Sunday, Oct. 9

Gonzaga point guard Josh Perkins was arrested and cited with driving under the influence after failing field sobriety tests early in the morning of Oct. 9, hours after the men’s basketball team fan fest, Kraziness in the Kennel.

Spokane Police were dispatched by GU campus security to “a report of a running vehicle with the driver slumped over the wheel.” Officers discovered a Mercedes-Benz parked with the engine running on the south side of the 100 block of Sharp Avenue at 2:36 a.m. outside Kennedy Apartments, and a male later identified by CAMPO as Perkins asleep with his phone in his lap.

Perkins, according to the report, woke to the officers’ flashlights surrounding the vehicle. After spending approximately 20 seconds contemplating what to do, he attempted to put the vehicle into gear, “as if to drive away,” when the officer opened the driver’s door and instructed Perkins to put it in park and turn off the engine. 

The report described an immediate smell of alcohol when the car door opened, and Perkins’ eyes were described as “glassy and extremely bloodshot.” When asked, he said he stopped drinking “a while ago” and had just dropped friends off.

The report also states Perkins asked multiple times if he could go upstairs and go to sleep.

He then agreed to partake in voluntary field sobriety tests, which ultimately led to a DUI arrest.

Any further punishment within the team is pending while the redshirt sophomore undergoes processes with the Student-Athlete Handbook, per the athletic department.

“We take this situation very seriously, and we will give Josh the support that he needs to help him learn from this,” Few said in a statement Friday. “He understands the serious nature of the charge and has made a commitment to the process within the University.”

This is the first reported arrest of a GU men’s basketball player since Josh Heytvelt and Theo Davis were booked for possession of mushrooms and marijuana in 2007. The two were suspended for the remainder of the season.

The Zags begin the 2016-17 season on Nov. 11 against Utah Valley at home.

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