The Gonzaga women's tennis team lost 4-2 against Colorado on Saturday at the Stevens Center. 

This was the third time these two teams met each other in their nonconference schedules in program history.

The match began with three doubles teams battling the Buffs. GU freshman Rose Hayes and junior Kianna Oda won their match 6-3, while the team's two other double's pairings lost 6-4.

The singles matches were played next, where senior Cate Broerman and junior junior Teagan Aitken defeated their opponents. That wouldn't be enough, however, as Colorado won the four remaining singles matches.

“This match hurt a little bit,” said GU assistant coach Caitlyn Williams. “It was an incredibly close match and our girls competed really hard, they fought all the way til the end so obviously those hurt a little more, but we are going to start to prepare for Atlanta next weekend.”  

With nine more games until West Coast Conference play, assistant coach Caitlyn Williams remains optimistic about the team's future.

“We’ve had some matches that we have taken care of business in and then we’ve had a couple really close matches that ultimately came down to just a point or two difference,” Williams said. “Those are sometimes the hardest to get over, but overall I think each week we are preparing really well and competing incredibly hard as a team.”

But it's not just the on-court play that excites Williams.

“We are a really close team, Williams said. “We have quite a few girls that are older, they’ve been here for a long time and that makes for some really good team chemistry, I think that it's good for our younger girls to see that, and with every match we play and every practice, we are just getting closer and closer as a team so that’s really great to see.”  

The Zags travel to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech on Saturday and Georgia State on Sunday. 

Cali Carmichael is a staff writer