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With many options to choose from, Mulligan Field is a great place for students to be active and get outside.

Mulligan Field is a great place for students at Gonzaga University to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and sunsets of Spokane. Whether you want to just sit out on the field and soak in the sun or play some sports with your friends, Mulligan Field offers you the space to be active.

If you’re an incoming first year student who’s not sure what Mulligan Field is or how to best utilize it’s space for your enjoyment, here are the five best sports to either play with your friends or try out:


Whether it’s kicking the ball around with your friends or playing a small sided game of 5 versus 5, soccer is a great sport to have fun with on Mulligan. With it’s two full-length soccer fields, full-sized goals as well as smaller goals are available for any type of game.

Additionally, skill level isn’t a huge barrier when it comes to soccer. Whoever is playing on the field at the time will almost surely welcome any extras who want to join, as the more people playing adds to the fun.


Similar to soccer, different variations of playing football is what makes it so fun. From running 1 vs 1 routes against your friends, playing two-hand touch or waiting for the intramural flag football season to come around, everyone can get a kick out of throwing the pigskin.

A great tradition at GU is the DeSmet vs CM football game held every year known as the Bulldog Bowl, where the two residence halls go head to head to see who can win the game. However, the class of 2024 may have to wait to witness this spectacle if the game is put off due to COVID-19.


Baseball is another great sport to play on Mulligan because it is more leisurely than soccer or football. The relaxing aspects of playing a game of catch is what draws so many people to play baseball at Mulligan.

If and when intramural sports seasons come around, be on the lookout to sign up for intramural softball and play with your friends, as that’s one of the more popular intramural sports held at GU, and a fan favorite for students across campus.


Given the wealth of space available on Mulligan Field, hucking the Frisbee across the field is constantly a favorite among students on campus. Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to meet new people, get a healthy workout in and play with as many people as you wish. Similar to soccer, skill level isn’t a requirement, as no one is excluded from throwing the frisbee around with the squad.

“I like how we can get a big group of people and play with more than four people,” junior Nick Nelson said. “[Ultimate Frisbee is] more of a group activity.”


Perhaps the most popular sport to play on Mulligan Field, Spikeball nets are always out not just on Mulligan, but all over campus as well. The 2 vs 2 volleyball-esque game takes some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will be making your own Spikeball highlight reel in no time.

“My favorite sport to play on Mulligan is definitely Spikeball,” junior Emma Chichester said. “There’s honestly nothing better than getting a group of friends to play with the sun setting and some music in the background… I’ve seen anywhere from one to 10 nets set up across the field, and there are always plenty of levels.”

“Spikeball on Mulligan Field is an awesome way to meet a lot of people, to get some fresh air, and to enjoy the game whether you’re learning it or you’re an expert,” Chichester said.

Vinny Saglimbeni is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @vinnysaglimbeni.

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