MSOC v. SMC 21

The Zags play their final game of the season against Pacific on Nov. 13

Gonzaga University’s men’s soccer team lost its final home game against Saint Mary’s College during senior night on Luger field.

“Everybody got a good run,” said head coach Aaron Lewis. “All the seniors got an opportunity to play and they worked hard and did what they trained for all week, but we're leaving a little disappointed we didn’t get to leave today.”

The opening minutes of the game showed the Gaels came to do business. 2:25 into the first half, SMC junior midfielder Valentin Kurz scored the first goal of the game with a kick into the bottom left corner of the goal box, sliding inches away from goalkeeper Thomas Ewert’s grasp.

Still, the Zags knew to play the long game, as they inched further and further into the Gael’s territory. Around the 17 minute mark, offense had brought the fire knocking on the opposition's door. With crosses from sophomore and junior midfielders Devin Slingsby and Frankie Ljuovic, GU came close to penetrating Gael defense, but within minutes, the ball slid back into Gael offense, and the tide turned.

Ewert played a key role in keeping the ball out the box. From clamping down on slow rolls into straight up diving out of the box, the redshirt junior remained energetic and stalwart.

Throughout the first half, the Zag’s offense demonstrated significant accuracy in their touches and crosses, but they just couldn’t quite stick the landing. Still, they played with confidence, creating numerous chances for shots on goal.

Eventually, this would pay off, as at 34:14 into the first half, GU freshman forward Logan Dorsey drove the ball into the goal with a penalty kick, tying up the game, 1-1. This also tied him with GU junior forward Demetrius Kigeya for a grand total of five goals during the season each.

“It was good to get a goal for them and have them celebrate one more time on Luger,” Dorsey said. “I bet that was a good feeling for them, and I’m happy I could provide that.”

But the Zag’s victory wouldn’t last long, as SMC freshman forward Riley Lynch slipped past GU defense. The challenges came a bit too late, as an assist from SMC sophomore forward Andrew Rotter helped Lynch score from the bottom right corner of the Zags’ box, 2-1.

The second half saw the two teams fighting back and forth the ball. For the first 15 minutes, the two teams seemed relatively evenly matched. However, another slip up in GU defense led to SMC junior defender Boyd Curry sliding the ball into the goal through the top right corner off the right foot, 3-1.

From there on, the hill for the Zags got only steeper, but nevertheless they persisted — with attempts from the likes of Ljucovic and Slingsby on goal. The first yellow card of the game was pulled out against Kurz at 67:56 for unsporting behavior. GU also saw a yellow card against freshman midfielder Angelo Calfo. 

In spite of the penalty and grit, the Zags fell to the Gaels, 3-1.

“Our storyline continues to be improvement and development,” Lewis said. “Our seniors have helped this program rise to where they’ve got more division one wins this season than the last three seasons combined.

The men’s soccer team plays its final game of the season against the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA on Nov. 13. The game can be streamed live at starting at 7 p.m. pst.

Alexander Prevost is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter: @alexanderprvst.

Alexander Prevost is a staff writer for the Gonzaga Bulletin. He is passionate about writing, politics, and music.

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