spring intramurals

For the first time, the Rudolf Fitness Center (RFC) will have intramural softball in the fall and spring semesters.


Spring intramurals are here at the Rudolf Fitness Center (RFC). With popular sports such as softball and basketball getting a second season and other unique options such as innertube basketball and a golf tournament, there are plenty of opportunities for students to take a break from their studies and have some  fun. 

This semester, the RFC is offering popular sports such as softball, basketball, soccer and volleyball. There will also be innertube basketball, a ping pong tournament, a dodgeball tournament and  a double and singles pickleball tournament. Rounding out the spring slate is a double and singles tennis tournament, a Super Smash Bros. tournament and a golf tournament. 

“We’re offering all the major sports twice for the first time ever which is really cool,” said Tyler Seth, associate director of the RFC. “We’ve never had two basketball seasons; we have that for the first time. Softball, we have two seasons for the first time, which is awesome.”

This is also the first year that the golf tournament will be on the schedule and promoted, Seth said. The location is still to be determined, but Seth said the RFC is working with local courses and is hoping to host the tournament on a Saturday. According to IMLeagues, registration for the tournament will open in April.

The other unique addition to spring intramurals is the Super Smash Bros. tournament, a video game competition. While it was offered during the beginning of the pandemic, this will be the first time it is offered with students on campus.

With a full schedule of spring intramurals, COVID-19 protocols are still in place. Masks will be required and there will be staff enforcing masks in all participation, according to Seth.

“What’s nice kind of being in this round of COVID-19 [is] we have a lot of steps in place for social distancing,” Seth said. “We know what’s allowed outside versus inside. So, there’s not a whole lot of new changes for this semester that we haven’t been doing the last couple of years.”

For senior Madeline Garcia, a supervisor at the RFC, intramurals offer an opportunity to connect with classmates, especially after the pandemic put social gatherings on pause.

“I like obviously the competitive aspect, but I also enjoy the emotional aspect of people on your team and people that you’re facing, just like people playing games before you, after you,” Garcia said. “With social distancing and whatnot, and not seeing a lot of our classmates last year, I think that has been a big motivator for me to do as much as I can.”

For the major sports, students can choose from three different levels of competition for each sport. Boone leagues are for teams who have little to no experience in the sport and simply want to play for the social and recreational aspect. Sharp leagues are for teams at the intermediate level. Sinto leagues are for teams wanting the highest level of competition. 

Team sports have women’s, men’s and coed leagues for each level of competition. 

Each league will have its own regular season followed by playoffs. Winners will receive the famed championship shirts.

According to Garcia, who has worked in the RFC for three years, basketball, volleyball and softball seem to be the most popular intramural sports. However, she recommends also trying out a unique sport like innertube basketball.

While volleyball is already underway this month, registration for the ping pong tournament began Wednesday. Basketball sign-ups start on Jan. 31. Registration for other intramural sports will open between February and April. 

Whether students are looking for a competitive outlet or an opportunity to socialize with fellow Zags, intramurals offer something for everyone. 

To register for intramurals, visit IMLeagues.com and use GU  credentials to create an account. From there, students can create or join teams. Reach out to the RFC with any questions.

Claire Tollan is a staff writer.