GU v. UW

Freshman defender Caleb Kiner goes in to intercept a play from UW offense.

Opening the match, the Huskies took possession right out of the gate, making their first shot on goal within the first minute alone. Seeing an eventful back and forth in those sixty seconds, a foul was called on zag freshman defender Caleb Kiner at 0:52.

Those first fifteen minutes saw UW and GU bringing their a-game. Both offensive squads seized for the ball, but by the middle of the first half, UW would be dominating possession —  their offense wailing on the Zags.

"They're a quality team," said sophomore defender Loic Baures. "They play together — tight-knit group — and that just being together makes them able to play like that and attack us and put us on our heels like that."

Much of what kept the Zags afloat was their high-speed, aggressive defense. and Defenders such as Baures and junior Sebastian Karlholm were pivotal in keeping the ball out of the box. The former of the two intercepted numerous shots, with one notable play being a hook kick to drive Husky sophomore forward Nick Scardina’s shot out of play.

During the first half, neither team was able to quite stick the landings on their shots. One notable example was a long shot from senior midfielder Noah Bushey who had a clear opening, but the ball went just a little too wide out of the top left of the box.

At 19:02, junior forward Demitrius Kigeya gained possession of the ball and drove it straight up to the huskies’ box, but a fumble and sight-of-foot saw it fly back into opponent hands.

Shortly after, around 21 minutes in, huskies freshman midfielder and defender Kalani Kossa-Rienzi, came in close against the Zags, but missed as well.

Furthermore, the teams were on what felt like a bit of a slip-n-slide vibe. Players from the Zags and Huskies alike were falling and sliding left and right, resulting in a slew of fouls against both teams.

Two minutes to half-time, the Huskies’ hard-hitting offense paid off, with a goal from junior defender Kendall Burks thanks to an assist from junior midfielder Dylan Teves, 1-0.

Right out of the gate, UW kept the heat at a 10.

At 52:03, the Huskies junior forward made a near-perfect shot, just barely clipping the left woodwork and missing the goal, but it was the fast footwork of Huskies junior defender Charlie Ostrem less than five minutes later that saw the Huskies make their second goal of the game.

At that point, the next half-hour saw a sharp uphill battle for the Zags — one made all the more difficult by a goal during the 77th minute from Huskies freshman forward and midfielder Chris Meyers.

The game closed out with UW dominating possession with a total of 17 shots on goal.

"We move on and we use this as a learning opportunity," Baures said. "Playing a team like this, you can only learn from."

The Zags will have their next conference game at University of San Francisco on Oct. 23rd at 7 p.m. The game can be streamed live at

"We need to just regroup and get a good week of practice and beat San Francisco, head coach Aaron Lewis said. "Then we can come back and then we're in a good spot where we got a chance to with the conference with four games to go, and I think that's what we're focused on is how we can stay in the conference race for as long as we can."

Alexander Prevost is a sports editor. Follow him on Twitter @alexanderprvst.

Alexander Prevost is a staff writer for the Gonzaga Bulletin. He is passionate about writing, politics, and music.

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