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The last rendition of EA's NCAA Football series released in 2013.

Everyone loves a hint of nostalgia in their life every now and again. Whether it’s listening to an old song, eating a favorite snack from childhood or watching a classic movie, bringing back fond memories can be satisfying for so many reasons. 

For gamers, especially those who enjoy sports, there’s nothing like playing EA Sports’ NCAA Football video games. From starting a virtual career as a high school athlete and journeying through the collegiate ranks, to starting a dynasty as the head coach of a program, these games brought unique features to sports video games. 

And now they’re back. 

According to EA Sports, the gaming company is partnering with the Collegiate Licensing Company to revive the once dead gaming franchise now rebranded as “EA Sports College Football.” The company announced the news on social media with an image of a football gridiron with the words “College Football is Coming Back” pictured. The last installment of the series came in 2013 when NCAA Football 14 was released with Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover. 

The game will feature 100 programs and their logos, stadiums, uniforms and gameday traditionsFans can also expect the immersive experience of previous versions and possible tie-ins with the Madden franchise in terms of converting created players into the pro football video game. Most of the game’s features are still to be determined, as EA is currently focused on gameplay for the next generation consoles. 

One detail that has been confirmed is the lack of real student-athletes in the game. The NCAA is still in the process of allowing its athletes compensation from endorsement, which means EA Sports can not currently include players’ names. The company had to cease the franchise in 2013 following a NIL lawsuit from former college basketball player Ed O’Bannon, who claimed the use of a player’s appearances and likeness without compensation was unjust. 

However, EA Sports stated that they will monitor the NCAA’s decision regarding NIL, which means real athletes could be implemented in future games if allowed. 

Fans of the NCAA Basketball franchise will have to wait for further developments involving that gaming series. EA Sports has only confirmed they are working on the football game right now, so Zags fans might have to hold out longer until they can take to the virtual hardwood again. While they were included in this year’s NBA 2k21, the last time GU was featured as a playable basketball team was in NCAA Basketball 10. 

There is no official release date for the game, but gamers should most likely expect a 2-3 year wait before they can relieve the glory days of college football. Until then, the older versions on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 will have to do. 

Even so, the news of college football video game has sports gamers everywhere excited. Years of clamoring EA Sports to bring back their signature series have finally been answered to the delight of manyIn fact, the franchise was so popular that NCAA Football 14 is still being sold at near retail price from when it was released in 2013.  

And now nearly a decade later, fans can enjoy the newest experience. 

Cole Forsman is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter: @CGForsman.

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