Over quarantine, The Rudolf Fitness Center (RFC) was tasked with creating a new, safe, atmosphere for intramural sports. The result? Gonzaga’s newest intramural sport, coopball. 

“The game has a kind of Top Golf vibe,” said Tyler Seth, a senior, the creator of the game. “I was sitting around during quarantine, and I came up with this new game that could be active and fun and get students outside and not cooped up in their dorms or apartments.”

The game incorporates a variety of sports, and points can be scored by hitting the ball past placed gates.

“It is a mix of softball, soccer and Top Golf, and teams are trying to accrue as many points as possible,” Seth said.

There are three gates on the field, one representing a double, single and home run. Teams are awarded one point for hitting a single, two points for hitting a double and five points for hitting a home run. Players are given two opportunities to kick the ball in play, otherwise, you are out.

“The game is fairly simple, your goal is to accrue more points than the other team,” Seth said.

Coopball will first be introduced to students during the annual Freshman Games.

“It was really important for intramural sports to continue on campus in the fall, however, making sure our students were safe was our number one priority,” said Michaela Johnson, a program coordinator in the Center for Student Involvement in charge of Intramural Sports. 

Coopball, along with all other intramurals currently taking place are abiding by social distancing guidelines along with state mandates.

“The rotation and sanitization of equipment will be very important for keeping students safe,” Johnson said.

Coopball adheres to all the guidelines by having one person up hitting at a time, and the bat will be sanitized between teammates and teams hitting. Masks will also be worn throughout by participants to ensure the safety of all involved. 

“The only change we are trying to make to our intramural sports outside of mask-wearing, is that we are trying to make sure all people are outside,” Johnson said.

This means the usual indoor games of volleyball and indoor soccer will be put on hold until further notice. 

To play the game students will need to register a team on IMLeagues. Teams can be made up of 8-10 people, and games will be held at set time slots every week. 

“We have already filled up 12 teams of eight, so I am very pleased with how the initial turnout is,” Seth said. “I think the game is still new to a lot of people, but once they find out what it is, I anticipate a lot more students wanting to take part in the game.”

Students that play coopball will be expected to have their ZAGCARD with them in order to follow contract tracing at the event. “Tracking and monitoring of attendees are very important if we want to keep our intramurals running smoothly this semester,” Johnson said. 

Seth also said he hopes that the game can stay around in the future.

“I really believe this is more like a game than a sport, and I think it would be fun to give students the opportunity to compete without it being in a sport,” Seth said.

Coopball will attempt to supplement the previous camaraderie that comes intramurals provide with students.

“I highly recommend this game for anyone that wants to be involved in an intramural sport this semester,” Seth said. “This will be a great way for us to compete and play sports after missing out on it for so long.”

Tommy Connoly is a staff writer.

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