Freshman Games is a time for first years to get together and enjoy the competition of flag football, indoor soccer, softball and volleyball, and this year was another successful year for students  who were a part of making this annual event so special.

As previously reported by The Gonzaga Bulletin, inner tube basketball is no longer a sport incorporated in the Freshman Games competition, as the overall lack of interest from students was a major contributor to this change.

Jose Hernandez, the Rudolf Fitness Center’s (RFC) director, said that the department has yet to receive any feedback from the students and everything they have heard has been only from publications in the Bulletin.

“As far as we are concerned, everything is just fine,” Hernandez said.

But Hernandez added that it is very important to hear the students’ feedback, as their opinion on what they want to be changed matters most to him.

“Every year after we are done with school, our first priority is to go over and evaluate what we did, and that evaluation includes all of the feedback we get, especially from our student employees,” Hernandez said. 

The Rudolf Fitness Center has over 150 student employees, the highest rate of student employment on campus.

“We evaluate every area of our facility,” Hernandez said. “Intramurals is one of the more important ones simply because it’s our No. 1 program here. It’s the one that serves the most students. And so that is our priority.”

When looking at the priorities and parameters when it comes to these specific changes, Hernandez said the RFC’s directors implemented a complete study about the facility and how it impacted students from freshmen to seniors. 

“We have gone beyond just surveys and just the regular things most people do,” Hernandez said. “We just go to the extensive, for lack of a better word. ... Like everything, there is always room for improvement, and we are going toward that rather than going away from it.”

Freshman Drew Morrisey said that his freshman games experience was an enjoyable one. Morrisey teamed up with his friends from all over Catherine Monica and DeSmet. His team won the football championship, and even though they did not do well in indoor soccer, volleyball or softball, Morrisey still said he had a great time with his friends.

“I thought it was pretty good,” Morrisey said. “I kinda liked playing in the late-night games. Those were pretty fun. It’s definitely a good atmosphere.”

Morrisey also mentioned that the email process and the team formation process of IM leagues was a bit difficult to handle, and he hopes that potentially, dodgeball and basketball can be implemented into the games as sports.

“Dodgeball would be really fun because it’s continuously active and it gets everyone involved,” Morrisey said. “Outside of academics, Gonzaga is very known for its basketball. I think getting the excitement early before the intramural season is a good way to get us excited and active.”

Hernandez said the RFC’s directors have incorporated a huge amount of marketing these past couple of years, and they are encouraging students to follow their Instagram and Facebook and other social media accounts.

“Social media has helped us enormously,” Hernandez said. “We have found out that we needed to improve, for example, how many students follow us. That was something we had to improve. I would suggest that you follow us so that you can see what we do every week.”

Vinny Saglimbeni is a staff writer. Follow him on Twitter: @vin_sags31

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