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Under COVID-19 restrictions, the Rudolf Fitness Center has had to adapt its layout and exercise format to accommodate the safety of its Gonzaga patrons.

The Rudolf Fitness Center (RFC) is a hub of activity for the Gonzaga student body.

Every year the RFC offers the weight room, pool, track and best of all, basketball courts every day of the week.

This year, things have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The RFC has been impacted dramatically and the fitness center we know and love has had some big changes.

The basketball courts have been transformed into workout stations for ellipticals, stationary bikes and AMT machines, which are stationed on courts one, two and three to accommodate the COVID-19 guidelines put in place.

The squat racks are now grouped with the cable machines, offering two squat racks and three cable machines on the main floor.

The upper floor is dedicated to cardio machines where treadmills can be found spaced six-feet apart.

Sadly, the pool, the track, and the basketball courts have been closed down for the semester. 

However, the GU student body is looking to the bright side of the RFC’s new restrictions and doing the best with the workout space still provided.

"We are making the best out of a tricky situation and students seem to understand that,” senior Gus Wendt said. “For the most part everyone is liking it and is thankful that we even have somewhere to work out"

Having somewhere to work out is essential for students during a time when they are mostly staying in our rooms and being safe with the pandemic.

Being active is harder than ever with many gyms closed, and with classes online, a good gym workout is genuinely hard to find.

“The RFC has done a great job adjusting to the times and making the gym accessible for the student body, I'm glad the RFC is open because mental and physical health is important,” senior Meghan Mahoney said.

Being affected by the pandemic can take a toll a mental as well as a physical toll on students.

The idea of staying in your room for long periods can be draining to the mind and body.

The RFC is important because a simple trip around campus for a quick workout can change someone’s whole day in a positive way.

Some may be wondering whether or not the RFC's guidelines provide a safe environment to workout in.

“Here at the RFC, we do have limited workout space and limited workout time frames, but the customer service we provide is even better than before including weight and equipment delivery to your own personal workout space,” sophomore Ethan Davis said.

The limited workout windows and better customer services equates to a safer and more personalized workout experience in such daunting times.

The ability to have an effective and safe workout is an plus for the GU community as many students rely on the RFC and want to continue to use it throughout the semester.

While some students have been concerned with the 45-minute workout window, it seems that most students are still getting their reps in perfectly fine.

“Although what we have to offer is not the most amazing this year, as an employee at the RFC I have seen students still extremely satisfied,” senior Cade Guerins said.

The GU community may not have the vibrant workout center of the past years, but it looks like we are still getting through the semester with satisfaction.

The current plans are not set in stone because as the COVID-19 pandemic changes, the RFC will update their policies and agendas based on the cases on campus.

We may witness the revival of the RFC in full next semester if COVID-19 cases drastically fall off.

But for the time being, the RFC still offers a great workout and a great reason to get out your room and get moving.

Hunter Hauser is a staff writer.

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