Gonzaga Women's Tennis vs Seattle

Junior Taylor Gruber serves against Seattle U in last week's action.

The Gonzaga’s women’s tennis team pulled off a decisive win over Portland State Saturday, bringing the team’s overall record to 7 – 5 and its fourth win in a row.

The Zags started out strong in the doubles match. Cate Broerman and Haruna Tsuruta took the first match for Gonzaga with a 6 – 1 victory. Kate Ketels and Vlada Medvedcova quickly followed with a 6 – 2 victory to give Gonzaga a 1 – 0 lead heading into single play. While their match went unfinished, Jenna Sloan and Taylor Gruber where approaching a third win for Gonzaga with their 5 – 1 lead. 

The first set of single play went in favor of Gonzaga, which each player winning their first set. Ketels, Tsuruta, and Medvedcova all kept their opponents scoreless as they each went 6 – 0. Sloan and Broerman had quick victories as well, both winning 6 – 1. 

However, as the team began their second set of the match, Portland State mounted an early lead. Portland went from winning two games against the top 5 to winning 10. Most notable, was Portland states 4 – 0 run against Broerman. 

“We just need to stay focus on the task at hand,” Ketels said. “Once we started working on the task at hand, things started to look better for us.” 

Gurule also said the team needed to work on its focus and keeping from being distracted during matches. 

“Those runs can come at any time, we just need to make sure we can reset and go forward from there,” Gurule said. 

Gonzaga did not let Portland State’s success continue as Tsuruta quickly pulled at a 6 – 1 victory, with Ketels and Sloan following shortly after with 6 – 2 wins. Gonzaga finished the series sweeping Portland State 4 – 0.   

“Everyone was on their top game today and we took care of business,” senior Kate Ketels said. 

Head coach D.J. Gurule said that he likes to not focus on who the team is playing, but rather how they are playing.

“I wanted to go back to the basics,” Gurule said. “Getting a lot of balls hit, getting a lot of fundamentals back down so we can then make those steps forward.”

Parker Seeberger is a staff writer.

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